Crazy Mom

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there.  I also do not want to forget those that aren’t moms by choice, or not by choice.  I never like being so serious on my blog, but I was once a person who couldn’t have a baby, and this holiday was really rough.  A big hug to you if you are in that walk of life, please know you are not alone.  Wether you are making a card for a “mom”, or that special person in your life…this sentiment is just a riot!

Creating this Card:

I promise to stop with the background paper with dots soon…it is just so easy!  I think it’s time to get out my stamp pads and favorite background stamps again.  Maybe next card.  In the mean time everything on this card is pretty easy to duplicate with the dies posted below.  Wait…hmmm…where is the “MOM” die?  Well if you stand on your head you will notice it spells WOW…all I did was flip the Wowzers word and shadow die upside-down.  You are welcome!

Monster Cuties clear stamps
Monster Cuties outline die

Wowzers word and shadow die

Wonky Window 4 A2 die


Purchase the markers HERE

BV4.2 BV4.5 BV4.7
C-G1 C-G3 C-G5 C-G7
G0.1 G0.4 G1.7
V2.3 V2.4 V2.6 V2.7


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