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I thought I would compile a list of products I use on a regular basis as I get asked so frequently about things I like.  Whether these products were originally obtained through a sponsorship, or not, they have become something I love to use.   I thought I would pass this info along to you.  When possible I have included an Amazon Affiliate link so I can get a couple cents from your purchase and make your shopping easier.  Everything I write is ONLY my opinion.  I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do.


Arkon Stands
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Ipad/Iphone StandLINK HERE









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HP Laserjet Pro M452dw Wireless Color Printer

Laser PrinterLINK HERE

I have had this printer since August 2016.  I use it daily and put it through a lot of hard work on both heavy card stock as well as regular printer paper.  I have printed thousands upon thousands of copies and it is still going strong.  I print regularly on 100# card and it feeds nicely.  The Toner is more expensive but the yield per Toner is extremely high.  When one cartridge gets low or out I am still able to print.  For heavy weight card I change the settings to about 176g or heavy gloss paper for printing.  This is my second HP.  The last HP Laser Printer I worked to death for many years and would have purchased again had it not been discontinued.  I am completely happy with this printer!  ** I was not sponsored by HP in any way.


Sizzix 660425 Big Shot Cutting/Embossing Machine

Die Cut Machine  – LINK HERE

I personally have the “old blue” Sizzix machine (just like this one, but in blue).  I would love to get the new colors but alas this machine works so nicely even though I have had it for eternity.  It handles all different style dies without a hitch.  I have tried other brands, even the electric kind and keep reverting back to this old faithful.  I find I can crank faster then the electric ones.  I love this machine and keep telling myself when it breaks I will get a new pretty colored one…but the darn thing won’t break.  What more can you ask for in a great designed machine.  ** Never sponsored by Sizzix (but would love them to send me a new colored machine, HA HA)

Sizzix 656499 BIGkick/Big Shot/Vagabond Magnetic Platform

Magnet Plate – LINK HERE

How did we EVER live without this in our lives?  If you don’t own a magnetic plate and you use metal dies, this is a MUST!  Away are the days of the slipping and shifting dies.  I use this plate for all my die cutting.  But don’t throw your other plate with shims away!  i still use the one that comes with the machine for all my embossing folders and my thick dies.  I did have one magnetic plate have a magnet break inside the mat.  I called the company and they had no problem replacing it.  It is wonderful to have a company stamp behind their product!  ** Not sponsored by Sizzix

White Cardstock – LINK HERE

How the need for Hammermill was born.  So here is the story.  Eight years ago (2010) I walked into an Xpedx paper store in Phoenix Arizona.  This store was a place for companies to purchase paper in large quantities.   I walked in with my markers in hand and a little stamp pad and stamp (a little Santa hat by PSX to be exact).  I spent over 4 hours testing every paper they had.  I made sure to use the hard-to-blend red combo so that I would get a real good idea on how the papers would soak up and spread out depending on the paper density.  I used a lot of ink that day.  After a lot of ups and down with the different types of papers I decided that the Hammermill Color Copy Digital Cover 100# was an amazing paper to share with my students and beyond.  Thus the Hammermill paper craze was started.  I bet you didn’t know that did you?  If you have a local Kelly Paper in your area you can find it there as well.  ** definitely not sponsored by Hammermill

Tsukineko Full-Size Memento Fade Resistant Inkpad – Tuxedo Black

Stamp Pad for Alcohol Ink Coloring – LINK HERE

Memento Tuxedo Black Refill – LINK HERE

For coloring with alcohol markers the best stamp pad I have used is the Memento stamp pads.  Wether it is the black stamp pad or one of the many other colors they have in the range.  I know there are a few others coming to the market more recently and some are great but the reason i am sticking with the Memento is 1.  Price point  2.  Size of stamp pad (with two options) and 3.  Refills available for all colors.  The stamp pad is very durable and I have not had any that have come apart or changed shape over time.  ** I am not sponsored by this company

Tsukineko Full-Size VersaFine Instant Dry Pigment Ink, Onyx Black

Fine Line Black Stamp Pad – LINK HERE

Tsukineko 1/2 Fluid Ounce VersaFine Pigment Inker, Onyx Black – LINK HERE

Whenever I want a beautiful crisp sentiment I stamp with the VersaFine Onyx Black stamp pad.  It does take a moment to dry but the results of this nice black ink is impressive.  Much richer then if I stamped it with the Memento stamp pad.  Also can purchase the refill.  Comes in two sizes of stamp pad.  ** not sponsored by Tsukineko

Tonic Studios Guillotine Paper Trimmer 12-Inch-by-12-Inch

Paper Trimmer – LINK HERE

Tonic Studios Guillotine Paper Trimmer 12-Inch-by-6-Inch – LINK HERE

Everyone has their own preferences on cutters and with so many options out there choosing can be hard.  I have two favorites and each one serve a different purpose.  I used to have rotary trimmer and where the blade first started to cut into the cardstock it was off a little and made a slight indent.  I have tried one of the newer name brand, everyone-loves-him, small guillotine trimmer and the blade sits to close to the starting point of the cut so it makes a little dent in the paper.  When this gets fixed i might consider it for smaller cutting projects.  I went back to my favorite trimmer.  This large platform trimmer cuts the crap out of multiple sheets of cardstock with no issues.  It hasn’t dulled.  I love the base of this but only wish there were smaller grids on the base for measuring.  Even with that being a tiny inconvenience I will still stay with this trimmer for mass producing my classes.  I moved into an RV and have limited space, so I decided to hand over this 12 x 12 trimmer to my friend who helps with my classes and traded it for the 12 x 6 of this same trimmer.  The one that isn’t as wide has a platform extension piece that stores under the trimmer platform.   ** Half Width Guillotine trimmer given to me by Tonic but this is MY opinion and not swayed by this

Tonic NUVO Deluxe Adhesive

Liquid Adhesive – LINK HERE

This adhesive is water-based.  it dries clear but in white when applied.  It has a super fine tip and hasn’t gotten clogged yet.  I use it to glue my embellishments, chipboard words, die cut words, beads, sequins and more.  I novethat it is fast drying but you have a small window to adjust the item.  I will not be without this glue.  My favorite used to be Scotch Quick Dry Tacky Adhesive…why did I replace it you ask?  Well I replaced it because the nozzle of this product is smaller…and it hasn’t clogged…and the lid hasn’t popped off when trying to adhere something down.  **Yes, my bottle is from Tonic…but my answers are honest and true…this is now my favorite glue….they didn’t pay me to say that!

Tonic NUVO Crystal/Jewel Drops – LINK HERE

I CAN’T get enough of this product…I want more more more!  These amazingly great priced bottles of super-yum are the perfect accent and element to any project.  SUPER quick drying time compared to other similar products.  The array of color choices are off the chart.  Comes in glitter, metallics, translucent and gloss.  The ONLY negative I have is the little “jewel” on top can sometimes fall off.  big whoop…glue it back on or take them all off so you can store upside down.  You can use them as an accent top on a button, sequin or other element.  You can use them on their own in place of brads.  You can add a drop and then add another color in the center..or a bead or a gem.  Endless possibilities.  I love how you apply them and they slightly settle to a nice dome shape whether you do a big drop or a small drop.  Did I mention they don’t take a year to dry?  ** Yes, Tonic sent me some and even so I would tell you if there was something about it I didn’t like.

Fiskars 94767097J 7-Inch Softgrip Micro-Tip Scissors

Scissors – LINK HERE

I like to fussy cut out my images and when I do I don’t want my hands to cramp or get sore from the grip on the handle.  I own about 4 pairs for these scissors so that I can always find a pair.  The tip is small enough to get into tight spaces and the comfort is perfect.  I highly recommend these.  I also have a sharpener to keep them with a nice blade when they get a little dull with all the paper cutting.
** not affiliated with Fiskars

EK Success Cutter Bee Precision-Cut Scissors

Scissors – LINK HERE

The other scissors I use on a regular basis are these Cutter Bees.  I use them for very tedious fussy cutting.  They get used on a regular basis and have held up well to all my cutting.  They are a slightly smaller handle to the Fiskars but still super easy to use.  I have a pair specifically for paper and NO ONE is to use them but me.

Fiskars 9 Inch SureCut Paper Trimmer

Paper Cutter – LINK HERE

For the on the go paper cutting this is my go-to cutter.  It is compact and cuts nicely.  I love my Fiskars cutters for the smaller cutting of sentiments and smaller pieces of cardstock.  I find that it is precise.  If you upgrade the blades to the titanium you can get a lot more cutting passes from the blades.  I also have this cutter with a larger platform and use it daily.  The blade runs in a track system and doesn’t pop out.  It runs along a wire so you can see where it is going to cut.  It is very light weight too.

Fiskars Titanium TripleTrack High Profile Cutting Replacement Blades, Style I – LINK HERE

Fiskars 12 Inch SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer – LINK HERE

This is the larger platform which I leave on my workspace.  I love the extension arm for the larger pieces of paper but due to the platform being so wide I usually dont have to open it as it is a full 6 inch platform.  When my cutter wears out I would buy another one to replace it.  This company is also great about standing behind their products.

Tonic Studios Tim Holtz Stamp Platform – no longer available but still my favorite.

I would never EVER live without this stamp platform.  Why this one you ask?  Let me tell you a little story.  Tonic sent me one of these when they first came out.  I had one of the other brands already but rarely used it.  It felt flimsy.   Sometimes I would hear a little crack sound when trying to put a even pressure on the platform lid.  Most annoying was  I kept losing the little black foam mat even though I tried keeping it all together.  I received the one from Tonic and started using it right away.  I LOVED the fact I didn’t need a piece of foam in it for clear stamps.  I loved the fact that depending on what type of stamp I was using all I had to do was flip the lid.  I loved the fact it was so sturdy and made to feel very quality.   I loved how easily it cleaned up.  When applying pressure it never bends.  I get crisp beautiful stamped images EVERY time!  Then they recalled this product (due to political reasons and they were remaking it with some changes) and I had to send it back.  I waited for a new one to arrive once they were done with the new production…and waited…and waited.  Well I must have gotten forgotten (which is fine except I NEEDED THIS IN MY LIFE) so I went out and purchased my own.  YES, I loved it that much.  I am thinking of getting the smaller one as well.  Usually I am just stamping one thing at a time anyways.  But no matter what size you choose this one is top of the line.  AND the price point is amazing!!  **

Quilled Creations Quilling Tweezers

Tweezers – LINK HERE

BEST tweezers ever.  So sharp they can potentially draw blood.  DO NOT drop them on your foot.  These tweezers (I have two pairs) are perfect for poking out pieces when die cutting.  Picking up sequins, scraping off misplaced Nuvo drops, placing mini Glue Dots onto buttons and so much more.  If you are looking for the perfect pair for just about anything crafty then grab these.  I have had mine for years and panic if they get misplaced.  A MUST!  **not sponsored by this company in any way.

Wax Picker Stick – LINK HERE

Rhinestone Gem Picker Pencil
This handy tool is perfect for picking and placing gemstones, sequins, pebbles, buttons and small things you have die cut.  The wax tip gives a gentle hold on the item allowing you to get it over to the adhesive and still see what you are doing.  The slightly tacky wax tip still allows the adhesive to grab the item and then releases it if you haven’t pressed to hard on the item you are picking up.  I love the tool.  **not promoted by this company.

3L Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Dots Repositionable Refillable Runner Dispenser, 43 Feet

Repositionable Scrapbook Adhesive – LINK HERE


Refill – LINK HERE

This repositionable adhesive is a true winner.  Scrapbook Adhesive sent everyone at one of my events one of these to try out and I got my hands on one and will never live without it again.  This tape runner adhesive is perfect when you want to lay out a card but are not sure on when the plan is.  Paper can easily be moved and adjusted to the desired location.  When designing a card sometimes things need to me moved around.  The adhesive can be rubbed off if you are not happy with its location.   These are refillable.  The only negative I have found it I always try to use it when its upside-down as I can never remember the way to hold it.  Its a small thing.   ** sponsored at one time…but just made me addicted.

Scotch Advanced Tape Glider 1/4″ Wide

Tape Applicator – LINK HERE

This comes with two rolls of tape.  You can find this tape runner in red as well but the price point for this one is great.  I actually have two of these.  It is the MAIN adhesive I use.  It might take a little getting used to holding such a large tape gun but you do get used to it if you dont fight it.  I have learned when using it to click the trigger, drag the adhesive, let go of the trigger and slightly twist the wrist to the right.  If not then the tape will work its way off the end of the dispenser.  This is not for the faint of heart.  I purchase my tape refills by in bulk at another place online.  The more you buy the cheaper it is.  I buy the non-acid free rolls.  I will provide the link below.  ** NOT affiliated with Scotch or company I get the refills from.

ATG Refill Non-acid Free 3M 924 1/4″ (36 yd)  – LINK HERE

ATG Refill Acid Free 3M 908 Gold 1/4″ (36 yd)  – LINK HERE

ZIG Brush Pen (for water or ink fill) Series H20 Medium Tip

Water Brush – LINK HERE

I have tried different water brush pens over the years but still continue to buy this one.  I mainly use it for my Copic alcohol painting.  I fill with Blending solution or 91% rubbing alcohol.  I like the size of the medium better then the large or small brush tip.  I find this brand doesn’t leak like others.  easy to refill too.  Sometimes if I think its getting a little too much coming out of the brush end I give it a little burp.  Hold the brush tip upwards with lid off and give a gentle squeeze until the excess air is removed from the barrel.  I have used this brand for about 8 years.

Itoya Art Profolio Storage/Display Book 8 1/2 in x 11 in.- 90 pages

Art Portfolio – LINK HERE

I use this portfolio for storing my artwork or for my workbook at my events.  This portfolio has permanent clear sleeves that are not removable.  This book comes with 90 pages.  You can find it in all sizes if you are looking for something smaller or larger.

3M Scotch 1/2-Inch by 36-Yard Double-Sided Foam Tape

Foam Tape – LINK HERE

I am a huge fan of this product I use it on just about every card.  It is an extremely large roll and I tend to use it doubled up to make my “pop” taller.  I take this roll and do long doubled up strips and then cut down the strips to about 4″ pieces and store ready-to-use in my supply drawer.  That way I can cut to size as needed without having to grab the big roll.  I like this width best but it does come in 3/4″ width.  My most used foam tape!  Used this for over 10 years (well not the same roll) ** not sponsored by 3M in any way.

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