Sketchmarker Brush Pro – Play Time

A fine art piece!  Wow, it has been a long time since I have done anything other than card making.  Not sure why I was so nervous.  I gave it a go with the new Sketchmarker Brush Pro markers.  I am loving how juicy these markers are, and the range of colors to choose from is amazing.  The brush and chisel nibs work beautifully, just like I am used to,   comparable to other markers I am familiar with.  The prickly pear fruit were super fun to color, because I was able to use bright colors to create it.  The whole piece probably took me 6 hours.  I am still getting used to the color system so the piece took a bit longer, but by swatching the colors when I first got them helps speed up choosing marker colors.  Hope you enjoy!

Sketchmarker Brush Pro, Marker Universe

Sketchmarker Brush Pro, Marker Universe

The Original Photo

You can purchase Sketchmarker Brush Pro markers at MarkerUniverse Here.  The full range will be in stock soon, and I will do a post to let you know at that time.  Use coupon code DOVE15 for 15% off your order (expires July 15th 2021)

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    1. This is some of your best work,
      absolutely spectacular, great job, cant wait to see more.

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