True Friends

I think I am crazy about my veggies as you can see with all the vegetables I have been creating, or coloring lately.  Wanting to draw an artichoke, it occurred to me that I already had a beautifully drawn stamp by Concord & 9th called Vintage Artichoke.  I stamped it up onto the watercolor paper and away I went.

Creating this Piece

Once I stamped the image out, I wet each individual leaf one at a time and applied the colors directly to the paper.  Once the colors were placed, I used a paint brush with water to slightly move the ink around.  The background was added after the image was completely done because the image looked lonely on the large white background.

I tried out some Hot Press paper for this one and didn’t like it as much as the Cold Press I had been using.  I will give another shot before making my mind up on a preference.

The sentiment that come with this stamp are so perfect.  You must check it out.  Oh, and for those that love the complimenting dies…they have those too!


Vintage Artichoke

Karin Brush Marker Pro

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