Embossing and Karin Creation

I wanted to experiment with embossing powder and Karin markers.   I had the perfect stamp for my idea.  This stamp, Sandy Background Stamp, from Catherine Pooler Designs was PERFECT to use.    Check out below how easy this was to create.

Creating the Panel

This was a therapeutic coloring session.  Simply stamp the image on watercolor paper with an embossing pad.   I used ultra-fine embossing powder.  One heat set I  worked each section, one at a time by adding water with a paint brush and then gently touching the Karin brush tip into that section.   I try to stay along the edge of the white lines and watched it travel.   Almost magical…okay it was magical!

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Sandy Background Stamp

Karin Brushmarker Pro
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4 thoughts on “Embossing and Karin Creation

  1. Another beautiful creation with your Karin markers. I love this! It’s another technique I will have to try. Thanks for sharing.

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