Merry Christmas

It is that time.  Only a few more days and life will go back to somewhat normal.  After all is done, you can pat your self on the back and say “job well done”…no, actually who am I kidding, it is more like, “I survived”.  The hustle and bustle of Christmas has never been my favorite.  But what is my favorite is being able to be around the ones I love.  To me, that is the most precious of all.  Enjoy every moment and cherish the time you have together for you never know what tomorrow may bring.

I cherish each and every one of you!  Merry Christmas to my social media friends and family.  Thank you for hanging out with me all year long.  I look forward to what the future holds.

Creating the Card

…and to all those that need just one more Christmas Card….

I used the Wonky Window 1 die to create a frame and adhered a lot of the birch trees from Forest Majesty on the underside.  Once it was all adhered I popped it up on top of a microfine glittered panel.  To finish it up I used the deer and trees with a few red birds for color pop to surround the words “Merry Christmas”.

Can you believe there is not a single marker used on this card?  Swoon!!  You can do it…just one last Christmas card.

Forest Majesty die set

Wonky Windows 1 die 

That’s Mr. Old Fart to You!

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. This is a beautiful card! I love all the texture with that little pop of color…..perfect! even if there isn’t the Jen coloring we have come to expect. ? Thank you for sharing this last card.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and a wonderful New Year!

  2. Ah, thank you Kristine, I hope all your holidays bring you a huge amount of creative joy. Thank you for the sweet comment.

  3. Merry Christmas Jen! Thanks for sharing a quick(er) and lovely last minute card with all of us. I hope you and your family gave a blessed Christmas and a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year! Marsha Nichols

  4. I love the simplicity of this card with the little pops of red! Simply beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and all of your family!

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