Coffee…Yes Please!

This is the 4th card I designed for one of my classes in April in California.  Sometimes I wonder why I drag my feet kicking and screaming to get things done.  When I finally finished this card I was doing a happy dance because I just love it!!  I am a huge fan of this clear set from Whimsy as well as the paper combos.  It just makes me H-A-P-P-Y!

The layout just fell together after I quit fighting it.  Ever have one of those moments?  It is quite simple to color as there were very minimal colors used to achieve this look.
YR04 YR09
0 C1 C3 C5

2 thoughts on “Coffee…Yes Please!

  1. Nice card Jenn…and yes! Coming up with the unique design is always a bit of a struggle and takes a LOT of time… Your cards are so incredibly intricate, I'm in awe how you come up with such beautiful creations… and then there is the coloring…hahaha…! Love your posts, thanks for all the hard work. It is appreciated!

  2. LOVE this card! Are we doing coffee in April in Phoenix too???? And why are you not in the coffee loving papercrafters group on Facebook?? I think whimsy is one of our sponsors! I do love the colors in this one too! See you tomorrow at Paper collage!

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