Rain, Rain Go Away

Ok Texas hang in there!!!  With everything going on I guess I need to be grateful that I am currently in Arizona…not a drop of rain for many months at a time.  Hang in there you guys!!!!  Tons of prayers heading your way.
If you are not currently rolling up your pant legs and wading through deep waters, grab your coloring tools and this large stamp and have some fun.  I call large stamps like this, coloring therapy.  Not hard to color but just a bit more time consuming.  Look at those adorable faces.  
E50 E51 E93
E43 E44
C1 C3 C5
BV20 BV23
YG03 YG17 YG67

6 thoughts on “Rain, Rain Go Away

  1. Adorable!! I'll check out their website and see if it is available as a digi. I still have power, so the printer works!! We are home and still ok at our house. Bring on the coloring therapy!! Love and hugs to you Jen!

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