…and Action!
You can do WHAT with Various Refills?!!?!!?  Yes, mad scientist at work again!
This is take-two of the original piece of artwork my 2 year daughter and I were making.  The glossy white tile below was created by dropping drops of the Various Refill randomly onto the piece of tile and then using air from the airbrush system to blow it around (you can simply blow on it as well but don’t get too light-headed).  Once we were happy with it we spritzed it with the Various Blender Solution and watched the magic happen.  Yes, you could leave it as is and it is a beautiful piece of artwork.  If you want to use it as a coaster you will want to seal it first with a UV varnish.  
So I was challenged to do something creative using the Various refills and could have stopped there…but NO that wouldn’t be me…I MUST take it a bit farther.  So I decided to play.

Filling my (new) “water-brush” with Colorless Blender I began to brush in (or remove ink) to form a design.  Can you see where i am going with this?  As these tiles are extremely slick and glossy the ink just runs away with no place to go.  Gets crazy really fast.  I haven’t played with Yupo paper yet but wonder if its similar.
Next comes the scary part.  Oh yes, I just did that!  Look at the red drops of the Various Refill dropped onto the art piece, is it savable?  Well worst case scenario I wipe off the whole tile and start over.  So heck what is there to lose.

Using the Alcohol brush I started to daub the color into place.  Remember the ink has a mind of its own on glossy tiles so you kind of have to be okay with whatever happens.  I showed this to my husband and he said “hey thats a nice squid”…errr, ummmm, yah okay…not what I was going for.  I keep working at it until I was okay with how it looked.  If you just move the ink around and don’t clean off the alcohol brush tip the color is richer.  If you wipe off the alcohol brush in between stroke it will be more of an eraser with attitude.
I called it quits when the shapes were clear enough to say that I see a rooster, or a cock-a-doo as I daughter calls them.  At least it doesn’t look like a squid!  Please tell me it doesn’t look like a squid.
I will be sure to seal this before too long to protect it from scratching.  I might actually cover it with resin but that will be take-three.  Wouldn’t this be a fun thing to do multiples of for a gift set for a friend?  How about a holiday set?  I would love to see what you create with Various Refills or tiles.  
Products Used:
Zig Medium Water Brush (with blending solution)

7 thoughts on “Take-Two!

  1. This looks great! But I'd be cautious sealing it. I've messed up projects like this sealing them so you might want to test on a scrap first.

  2. Squids do ink, so I'd say cut him some slack. Just don't let him pick out any art work for your home. The rooster came out super looking.

    One year I'm going to actually purchase an air brush.

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