Copic Must Haves – Juicy News!

If you missed my last post you will not want to miss this one.  YES…juicy news!!  Copic now has another nib for the Sketch marker!  You asked for it and you got it…a fine nib!
I created this card for Imagination International Inc using the Copic Sketch Fine nib for an advertisement in a magazine.  I think it was used in Cardmakers magazine.  Does anyone have a copy?  Take a look and tell me if it’s in there…better yet can you send me a photo of the advertisement? 
I drew this design using a Multiliner and then colored it in using the new Copic Sketch Fine nib.  Some of the details in the orange slices were created with the Fine nib.  I thought I would would get creative and with a ruler I created the design in the background with the Imagination International Inc logo.  I thought it would be a subtle way to do a background design and incorporate the logo.  Did you know the logo was an iii?
If you want to create this card, or something else, here is the drawing and sentiment I created.   If you print it twice you can use some of the slices popped up to create dimension.  
 Please do not share but rather point your friends to this post so they can enjoy the info as well as the image. – thank you
You have got to try these new nibs!  If you already have them you know they make dotting super easy.  Show me what you have created!
Background – YR23 B02 YR09
Oranges – YR09 YR07 YR04 Y13 Y15 Y38
Orange Shadow – B0000 B000 B00

4 thoughts on “Copic Must Haves – Juicy News!

  1. Your creation of course is fabulous! Love how you used the Logo. I did pre-order some of the nibs awhile ago and finally got them. Haven't had a chance to put them to use yet though, but look forward to that.

  2. This is a sweet freebie. (pun intended) Thank you.

    I bought the LAST pkg of the new nibs today at the one and ONLY mom and pop stamp/scrap store that is about 45 minutes from us. It is their 24th business anniversary. So, I had to go help her celebrate today. I want to make sure she's around for her silver anniversary.

    One day, I'll remember I bought the nibs and use them.

  3. If I replace the chisel nibs with these, can I save the chisel nibs to use every once in a while?

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