THE MADNESS!  Okay I am really…no, I mean REALLY stepping out of the box here.  You know that empty marker that Copic has in their lineup of markers?  Well I thought I would do some experiments with it.  I know it’s there to make your own colors or creating an existing color just using the various refills.  I thought I would put my imagination to the test and see what other wonderful things can be done with this marker.

Image – Jim Henson Muppets

The first experiment was a slight failure.  I will only say failure because i didn’t have more time to really play with the idea, I still think there is a way to make this work.   I wanted a brush tip to “paint” with coffee.  Paint with coffee you ask?  Yes, taking instant coffee and adding water and painting with it to give an old vintage, earthy look.  I have done this before with a paint brush and it’s yummy.  Well why not use a Copic Sketch Empty?  The consistency was just too thin and would just blob out of the marker tip.  I haven’t given up on this idea.  I think if i can thicken it up a bit it would work…maybe add glycerin?  My science beakers are all put away at the moment…mwahahahaha.  Maybe some day….so off to the next experiment.

The next thing I thought of was…wait for it….

How about creating my own white pen.  We are always in search for that perfect white pen.  I can not say this is it 100%…yet…but its a work in progress and a good start.  The good news is it works!!

I had some Copic Comic Super White (similar to the Copic Opaque).  It is a water-based product that can easily be applied using a paint brush or stylus.  But I wanted something I could just uncap and go.  The Copic Comic Super White I had on my shelf has sat for a long while, so when I opened it up I discovered it had dried out.  But that was okay because it’s water-based and by adding water and stirring it was just as good as new.  The challenge is getting it to the correct consistency to pour into the marker end and not be too thin that it pours out the other end and thin enough to allow it to flow to the nib of the marker.  At first it was too thick with the initial pour into the marker.  I added a few drops of water to thin it out an then it just wanted to come out of the brush tip end in drops….I let it sit on its side a bit and then BAM it started working for me.  I was able to create this small 5 x 7 mini artwork.  

So for this artwork I colored on a piece of the new Sketchbook paper with a black (100) Copic Wide marker.  Then I started to create!

Now my next concern was that it would dry out in the marker as it’s not good with being exposed to air….I was right. It started to clog the nib a bit but I wasn’t going to be defeated!  I gently massaged the brush nib with water and it started to work again.  Although a bit more thinned out it has continued to work even on day 4 of this experiment.  That’s great news.  I will continue to work with it some more in hopes I can get the white to be a little less opaque.  I do notice that the more layers I apply using the “white” marker, that darker and less transparent the white areas get.

 I do love the end results.  What do you think?

Okay, that is the full story of my moment of madness (which are frequent)….I hope you give this or another fun idea a try with the empty Copic Markers!  I want to see what you do.

Copic Comic Super White
Empty Sketch Marker
Copic Wide Markers
Copic Sketchbook

10 thoughts on “NO WAY!

  1. Probably more work than most of us would go to to get that perfect white marker. Kudos to you for coming up with this. I hope Copic reads this and runs with the idea.

  2. You just keep plugging away. We need you and that perfect white pen.
    I will say, your drawing using it blows me away. The effect is amazing.

  3. The consummate artist at work – always looking to improve… create something new…. You're amazing Lady. Enjoy.

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