Summer Time – New Copic Nibs

Thought I would share another card using the Copic Sketch Fine nibs.  I used it to create the sand and the clouds for this card.  I love the consistency of the dotted patterns they produce.  They are quite easy to change it out.  If you want to be frugal and just pull out the chisel nib (Medium Broad nib) and place it in a baggie, you can replace it with the fine nib and then when you need the chisel end again you just pull out the fine nib and put place the chisel in again.  Simple as that.  

I use my chisel tips quite a bit for the airbrush system.  If you don’t use an airbrush system and don’t feel its in your immediate future then this is a perfect permanent tip replacement.  Whatever you do though…do not try the airbrush system because you will want one!!!  I love mine and use it a lot!!
Image from Saturated Canary (discontinued)
E50 E51 E21 BV20 BV23
B000 B00 B0000
E42 E43 E44
B91 B95
R24 R29 R59
How many of you have already tried the new nibs?  How much do you love them?  I would love to see what you have created!

3 thoughts on “Summer Time – New Copic Nibs

  1. Great tip on how to be frugal and put those nibs in a bag so they don't dry out and you can re-use them.

    Cute card. Love the effect of the dots.

  2. Jennifer! Great job. I hope we color these images in the October Boot Camp. I have used the new nibs and now they are my preferred nibs when coloring small areas. I just ordered 20 packs and plan to eventually switch out all of my chisel tips. (I am not really a fan of the air brush system….yet.) Right now, I have the dilemma on how to know which markers I have already switched the tips on. I have to open both ends to find out until I am fully converted. See you soon!!! – Deborah Carr

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