Ree-deeep – New Nibs Must Haves

I got to play with the new Copic Sketch fine nibs….and what fun I had.  I can still hear the sound in my head of me repeating to myself,  “dot, dot, dot, dot” as I placed dots on this card.  The fine nib will give you small dots that are a slight bit more even then if you were to use the Copic Brush nib.  So for all those that were waiting for it…IT IS FINALLY HERE!  See, Imagination International Inc. does listen to your pleas!
I will tell you though…I still love my brush nibs for flicking.  I also prefer to not change out my nibs as I use both the brush and the chisel on a regular basis.  So what am I going to do?  Well buy some Copic’s specifically for the Fine nibs.  I will most likely do some for earth tones.  So if you are looking for a nib replacement option…look no further!
For this card I specifically used the fine nib for the shading of the clouds and the earth beneath this little cuties feet.  Easy and had a very cool effect!
You can replace your Sketch chisel nib with the fine nib if you do not use the airbrush system then this might be the perfect thing for you.  Remember to pick up the handy-dandy Copic tweezers though so it makes it easier to pull out your nibs when it comes time to refill.
I would love to hear what you think of the Copic fine nibs after you have had a chance to play with them so make sure you come back and let me know!
YR02 04 07 09
E42 43 44
YG03 17 67
E50 51 21 93
BV20 E04
YG23 27
E25 27
B91 95 97 99

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