Nuvo, You are Golden

I got to play with some fabulous Tonic Nuvo products yesterday.  I was in need of some gold buttons and didn’t have just what I needed for a project so I got creative.  I was amazed how simple this was.  I recreated the steps in hopes you could use this in one of your projects.  (Sorry the photos aren’t great but I am playing from my RV Studios and I don’t have my set up…so window photography will have to work for now.)

Items you will need:
Manual Die Cut Machine
Using a Nuvo Glue Pen (I used Medium but large would have been quicker) I covered the surface with glue.  I let it dry so it was slightly tacky.  You can do a nice even coverage, or if you want some of the cardstock color to show through, and make it a little more shabby, do not do a complete coverage.  
Once the paper is covered with adhesive I dumped a pile of the fluffy gilding flakes onto the cardstock.   **As the flakes are so light and fluffy turn off all fans or you will have a mess.  You can place in a more controlled way in smaller spots by using tweezers and gently placing in the area of the adhesive.   Lightly tap into place using your finger.   Nuvo has 3 colors to choose from, Radiant Gold, Silver Button and Sunkissed Copper.  Using my finger I gently spread the Gilding flakes over all the sticky spots on the paper.
Using the Nuvo Blender Brush I lightly burnished all the golden flakes into a smooth shine.  Light is the key…too hard and you can dull it and rub it off.  In the photo the lower half has been lightly burnished and the top half is just applied with finger.
Once its all burnished use your favorite die to cut out the desired shape.  Any die will work.  Just run it through your Die machine.  I used the Buttons Die from Impression Obsession.
The results are super cool.  You can even color the buttons with Copic’s and change the color up giving you a shiny different color button to match your project.  
Now that I helped with your creative imagination what ideas do you have for these products?  I can’t wait to see what you have come up with!!
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