Tommy Art Chalk Color

Yum, Yum, Yum, Tommy Art Chalk.  Imagination International has the new Tommy Art Chalk (from Italy).  It is as sexy as it sounds.  Delicious, vibrant colors!  They said it wouldn’t buckle paper, so I really put it to the test.  The first thing I did was some fun stuff on an old dictionary.  I thought for sure there was no way it wouldn’t warp the paper.  Just playing around, I put some small puddles of the Tommy paint onto some acetate and then stamped into it with a large rubber stamp.  Once I picked up the paint, I stamped it onto the very thin dictionary page.  I was super surprised it didn’t buckle the thin paper nor did it seep through.  SOLD!  I finished it off with some words to live by and quotes that inspire me.  This was really a “just for fun” project.

Next I wanted to see how sponge painting would work.  I took a finger dauber and picked up two colors of the paint and proceeded to daub the color onto the cardstock.  I created a quick flower petal look.  It wasn’t long before it dried and then I finished them off with a couple Copic markers and some black Tonic Nuvo Drops in the centers.  BAM!  DONE!

If you ever just want to break out of the norm this would be the paint to use.   If you are an altered-art fanatic, this is the paint for you!!  This chalk-based mineral paint offers great coverage, opacity, and lightfastness.  They adhere to most surfaces without all the prep work.  Tommy is available in 35 colors.  There is also a range of metallics as well as the specialty products such as wax, varnish and more.

I hope you enjoyed seeing something a bit different from me.  I am always willing to play with new mediums and expand my horizons!!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like an amazing product! Is it available to purchase locally, do you know? I haven't seen any postings about it anywhere.
    Thanks for such great info.

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