Want to see Some Tips an Tricks?

~ Tips and Tricks ~

I just uploaded a new video on YouTube.  If you are struggling to get the courage to refill your markers you will want to check this out.  I also included info on the different tips (no pun intended) and some fun tricks related to your Copic markers and Various refills.  Enjoy refilling your Copics!

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One thought on “Want to see Some Tips an Tricks?

  1. This video was so helpful. I have one marker that I haven't been able to figure out why it's not working properly and I'll bet you've solved the mystery. I've refilled it, cleaned it thoroughly, replaced the nib, etc. and it still doesn't work right…I am at the point of just buying a new one since I use this color a lot, but I now know what else to check. I own close to 100 Copic markers and this is the only one I've had a problem with. Thank you so much…fingers crossed.

    Jan D., FL

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