I thought this was super cute image and I was excited to get coloring something “metal”.  It is perfect for some ‘tween aged kid I think.  It didn’t take that long to color even with all the bits and pieces of body parts.  You can find “Gage” and his other poses at Scrappers Delights.
I thought while I was coloring Gage up I would make a video so you can follow along, plus I added some tips and tricks to coloring metal.  I hope you will check it out.  If you liked it,  give me a thumbs up, and feel free to share it and subscribe while you are at it…cause you don’t want to miss the next one I do.  MWAH!
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3 thoughts on “Me LOVE

  1. Great video. It's incredible how shiny he looks. I love this card. The embossing on the card goes great with the image.

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