Must Have’s – Kirarina WiNK

Ok I know I have said it before, but I have to say it egg-ain…Kirarina WiNK’s are just too cool!  Imagination International Inc just came out with two new colors Emerald and Violet.  I wanted to make something that featured these shimmery pens.  At 3am when I woke from a deep sleep it came to me…EGG-sactly…what the heck was I doing up at 3am you ask!?!  Designing cards…DUH!

First I cut out 3 ovals using a die.   I then colored the “shadowed edges” with Copics E40 E41 and E42.  Using Imagination International’s Aristo drafting tools I drew in my shapes on the egg using the WiNKs.  After a quick dry time I used a distress ink pad to add more shadows to the outer edges.  Pretty easy huh!  I have links below to all the products that you MUST have.

See how nicely it shimmers?  I love that these pens don’t skip when drawing with them.  SO perfect for doodling on white or black paper if you want a larger statement.  You can layer them onto of each other  without them bleeding too.  You know you NEED them!