Play Time with OLO

I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to glossy paper and alcohol markers.  I tend to fall into the “winging-it” category.  Totally fun to play with it, but the end result is a crap shoot.  The OLO Markers made this super fun and easy due to its beautiful flow from the marker nib.  I literally touched the tip of the marker onto the paper, and watched the magic happen.  I decided to create a simple card with this little practice piece.  Don’t you think it looks like a cool snow scene?

Tips and Tricks

This was created by applying the light gray tone (C-G 1)  onto the background using my bruh nib from the OLO markers, in a loose stroke.  As I worked to the foreground the gray markers used graduated darker.  By spritzing the trees lightly with rubbing alcohol, it gives them a less distinct appearance.  The tree in the very front was done in the darkest marker and then I took the Zero marker and removed some ink, then placed color back into the “white” spaces.  Be sue and clean the nib of the Zero every now and then, and remember staining of the nib is okay as long as the tip has been cleaned of pigment.  The snow in the front of the tree was created in the same way.  Apply the gray tones leaving a lot of white, remove some of it using the Zero, and then reapplying color in brighter tones.  The “snow” like appearance was created by coloring some of the ink on a slick palette, and picking it up with a alcohol soaked paint brush.  The ink on the brush was then splattered in the sky areas.

The ink is very fluid on Yupo (or glossy paper), and can have a mind of its own.  Be ready to experiment with colors and shapes.  Don’t set your mind on any exact look, as the ink will tell you how it is supposed to look in the end.  Remember lighter colors will push darker colors back and away.

Still time to get in on the Founder deal, and get some OLO markers.  I know a lot of you are saying NO, and that is okay.  Most of you have invested in the Copic Markers.  I get it!  Enjoy your Copics.  In the event you start having to replace too many, or cant get the stickiness fixed, just know there is another option out there.  I personally am just trying to show you a great replacement option when the time comes.  I have had my Copics since 2008.  I have every one of them (and then some) as well as all the refills (and some more).  I will continue to teach Copics, but will also expand to the OLO markers because they are AMAZING.  I so love having options, don’t you?


OLO Markers

Yupo Watercolor Paper

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  1. Tell me more! Will these markers fit into my Copic storage? Will you do some more coloring and share your thoughts? Would you consider getting rid of your Copics for these?

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