Gettin’ my OLO On

Have you gotten your order in for the new OLO alcohol ink markers?  The Founding Member special they are running expires very shortly (24th of April).  I personally have a prototype set of the markers in my hands, and took some time to play with them.  I figured I would post my creation here so I personally can refer back to it later down the road.

I drew a little underwater scene for this coloring exercise.  The inspiration was the Marker Universe #colors of the month challenge.   A softer paper was used for this pieces, so there is a little bleed-over, but what I really wanted to see is how the markers work in smaller places.  With the great free-flow concept you are no longer working with a “dry” nib.  So far I am a super-fan.  The pigment is rich, and they blend very nicely together.      I am super happy with the feel of the markers in my hand, and the nice “snap” of the cap when I place the cap back on them.  I think we have a new winner in the alcohol marker world.  The current range of colors fits everything I need to color, with the promise of an expansion of colors in the future.  I think they did a great job filling a wide range to get started.

If you want to know more about these marker you can head over to OLO and click on the DISCOVER tab, or just dive right on in with me and grab the Platinum deal while it lasts.  Be sure and use when ordering.

You will be seeing a ton more inspiration using OLO in the future as I migrate over to using them as my go-to marker.  Less mess, less hassle, less sticky, less cost, and a ton more love!

OLO Markers:


6 thoughts on “Gettin’ my OLO On

  1. Very nice and thanks for sharing but a little to rich for me. Love your artwork.

  2. Is that your daughter? She’s GORGEOUS! Love the concept, but I have all the copics, so can’t afford any thing else!

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