You Guac My World, OLO!

Video Alert!  Scroll down in the post to view it.

I am so very lucky, I got to play with a handful of green OLO alcohol marker prototypes the other day.  The prototypes I received are see-through, while the actual finished product is not.  The final product will not be see-through in order to protect the integrity of the alcohol ink from light.

The Deets:

The hardest part when creating this fun piece was trying to come up with what I wanted to draw.  Nothing “all green” popped into my artsy mind, so I grabbed a few Karin watercolor markers to go along with them.  For this piece I used watercolor paper, although I know it absorbs more ink then desired it is definitely something you can do, and it wont hurt anything.

I created a video for you to see the progress of creating the avocado for your entertainment.

Where to Buy OLO Alcohol Markers:

Do you want to get in on a special OLO marker deal?  Become a founder for this new alcohol marker by buying into one of their special deals, while supplies last.

You can find all the details on the website   This deal expires at the end of March.  **I bought the Platinum Deal with the Brush/Brush option incase you are wondering.

Where to Buy Karin:

Marker Universe – use coupon code Dove15 for 15% off your order ANYTIME