It’s The Little Things

Its the little things that make a BIG difference when you are creating cards.  I wouldn’t be a friend to you if I didn’t share the sale that Tonic Studios is having on their Nuvo Drops.  I placed my order a recently and just received my order today of a few colors I did not have.  One can never have enough of this product.

About the Product:

Why do I like these, you ask?  If you are one that is a fan of Stickles then you will want these in your stash…and I bet you will be convinced to switch over.  The Nuvo come in translucent, gloss, glitter, glow and pearlescent.  The range of colors are also vast.  Nuvo drops make a nice dome shape, and can be used in thick or thin drops, lines and you can combine colors too.  The best thing is they dry quickly!

A little note to make your Nuvo dome beautifully is to use them when they are at room temperature.  Because I live in an RV, and things in my studio tend to get a little colder, I simply place a bottle of the Nuvo Drops into my pocket to warm up.  This allows them to flow out of the bottle flawlessly every time.

From my past card samples you will see how I have replaced the option of brads with these Nuvo Drops.  They are the perfect finishing touches to my cards, and give so many color choices.

You can find the products by following the links below.  Be sure and snatch some up while this sale is going on.

Nuvo Drops

Nuvo Crystal Drops (gloss or pearl)

Nuvo Glitter Drops (glittery)

Nuvo Glow Drops (florescent)

Nuvo Jewel Drops (translucent)

While you are shopping throw a bottle of my favorite liquid adhesive in the cart and try it out.  This products is one of those that doesn’t get enough attention because you never see it, but I use it every day!

Nuvo – Deluxe Adhesive

Deluxe Adhesive Tonic Nuvo


You are welcome! 🙂

Comment below if you placed an order, and I would love to know your experience with the products once you receive them.


7 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things

  1. Love everyone one of their adhesives and drops, especially the ones that dry and look like gemstones.

    1. I wouldn’t use my Copics on top of them. With nibs being harder to find to replace, and the Nuvo Drops being so inexpensive, I wouldn’t take the chance.

  2. I really like the Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive. It rarely clogs and the tip allows a small amount of glue to come out at one time,

  3. OK thank you for the enable ….. I LOVE Nuvo drops, but usually get them at an Expo. Since the expo’s have all been down I have been pushing off buying more colors …. well I just bought ummm 33 more colors!!!

  4. Slim pickings by the time I got there, but I managed to snag quite a few. I forgot to order some of the translucent ones though…. hmmmm… I may have to do another order!

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