Holiday Treats

Do you need a break from the fall season cards?  How about some delicious Christmas card…I can almost smell something baking in the kitchen with this stamp!  I look forward to the beauty this holiday brings, twinkling lights, warm fires and wonderful smelling food is all part of it.  Be sure and check out this stamp and get going on your holiday crafty stuff now before the rush happens upon you!
Some of you might actually recognize this card from 2017 class, but I just had to bring it back out because this card makes me happy!  Some of you might not have seen it yet, and I want you to be happy with me!  This might be an older release, but I could recolor this every year its so good!  Some stamps just never go out of style!

Creating this Card:

When I created this card I wanted to keep in mind that people like to mass produce their Christmas cards, so the colors is pretty simple on this one.  Basically I colored each part using a single color, then went back and added BV20 in all the shadow areas.

Once the image was done it was layered over some cheese cloth to bring in the country cooking vibe, and then layered on gingham paper.  It gives the feel of grandmas kitchen I think!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into this amazing stamp that you just might want to have in your Christmas stash!  You could color this up while the cookies are in the oven, and give a lovely gift of fresh cookies and a sweet card to someone you love!

E43 E44
E50 E51
Blender Marker (0)

4 thoughts on “Holiday Treats

  1. I love this stamp. When I saw it for the first time here on your blog, I immediately went and got it. I loved coloring it up and will bring it out again this year and use different colors. Your right, it just makes you happy when you look at everything in the scene!!!


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