Veggies on the Brain

Oh the leaves, upon leaves, upon more leaves.  I really enjoyed the radish portion, but the leaves started getting painful halfway through because there were so many.  In the end the pain was worth it.

Once again some playtime with Karin Brushmarker Pro watercolor pens on an A2 (card size) base.  I love how vivid the colors of the Karin are.  Be sure and grab your coupon code for a 15% off discount to Marker Universe, the company who distributes the Karin.

Karin Brushmarker Pro, Watercolor, Marker Universe

Creating this Artwork:

My favorite part was those little circles or radishes.  I literally used the Zig Brush20 water brush to place a circle of a little water on the watercolor paper.   Then I touched the lighter red Karin markers to the water location and wherever the ink moved too turned red.  The colors chose what path in the water to take.  I came back to it once dry and added depth with the Burgundy Karin.

I did similar with the leaves but they all kinda of merged together in the end.  So much fun and therapeutic to create this one…even with the leaves.


Grab your Karin Brushmarker pro’s at a 15% discount at Marker Universe.  Link is below.


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  1. I suddenly have a craving for a radish…Fabulous card Jennifer!


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