Got Ink?

This little ink squirt was created using my Copic Various refills and my Pébéo Paint Markers.   I haven’t taken time to play lately because I have been working a lot on the Copic Boot Camp event, planning and prepping, but today I decided to play.

How This Was Created:

I thought I would try my hand at using Various Ink and 91% alcohol on glossy paper.   The extra fun part is you have no idea how it is going to turn out.

After dropping a couple drops of the alcohol onto the paper I dropped Various Refill BV23 in the center of it.  I used my heat gun to move the ink around to assist it in the drying process.  If I wanted the ink to move a bit further before drying, I used my air compressor air instead.  I also used BV29 for the last layers.

Once I was done repeating the process over and over until I was happy with it I decided to bring the design to life.  In my mind I saw a squid or jellyfish so that is what I decided to create.

The Pébéo Paint Markers are perfect for this.  I have found that the 0.7mm is a great size for fine lines and dots.  First I used the Pébéo Paint Precious Marker to add some fine sparkle to the outer edges.  This line comes in beautiful metallic as well as beautiful shimmer.  Using a water brush to lightly blend it, leaves a transparent shimmer.   All that was left was drawing and shading in the separation between tentacles, this was done with the White 0.07mm Pébéo Paint Marker.

I think the hardest part of the whole thing was determining when to stop!  I guess I will need to make another one.

Below is the link to the White I used as well as some of the Precious line.  Be sure and click on the Amazon drop down box to choose your color options.


Pebeo Acrylic Marker 0.7mm

Pebeo Acrylic Precious Deco Marker


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