Ciao Skin Tone Set

I thought I would talk a little about coloring skin.  We all have our favorite skin tones to color with if we have been coloring for a while.  My favorite is E50 E51 E21 with BV20 as shadows and a little E93 for cheeks. I was given the opportunity to play with Copics skin tone set.  It was so fun stepping outside my color box.  This set comes with colors that can achieve light and dark skin tones and even has the E93 for warming things up or adding cheeks.  
Here I have used all the markers to create two different tones.  I loved the end results.  For the lighter tones I used the E000 E00 and E11, and E11 E13 E15 for the dark.  If I wanted the dark to be a bit darker I could have brought the E15 a bit further out.
If you are just getting started or on a budget you can pick this set up in Ciao markers.  It is pretty cool because the guess work of what colors to pick have already been done for you.  Cool Right?!  Lots easier then finding them in singles.  Remember Ciaos are refillable and you can change the nibs if needed.
You can find them HERE
If you already own these colors I can’t wait to see what you do with them.  Give them a try and create different blends for skin tones.
Jenn Dove

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