Faux Marble

I got to do a little playing today, along with my daily 4 month long preparing for Copic Boot Camp here in Arizona.   This 4 day retreat starts in less then a week.  I am so excited as we have about 63 attendees.   One of the fun things we do is the airbrush station and I thought I would make a “marble” background with the Copic airbrush and glossy paper.  I am pleased with the results and will definitely do this again in the future.
After spritzing the glossy cardstock with the different colors I misted the card stock with 91 percent rubbing alcohol.  After it dried I added white Copic WInk as the “veins” in the marble.  The possibilities are endless.
E04 E08 E49 B45
YG03 YG17 YG67
G24 G28
E31 E35 E57 E98
BV20 BV23 BV25

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