Copic Must Haves – Shadows & Shading

Sometimes you come across a book or place online that has some invaluable information.  If you are struggling with the light source, shading and shadows within your coloring I would highly recommend this book by Marianne Walker called “Shadows & Shading”.  

In this 52 page bound book you will receive information on:
1.  Understanding different kinds of light source
2.  The differences between shading and cast shadows
3.  How to properly color a variety of objects from simple to complex
4.  Shadow color theory

The great thing is it in in a language you can understand.  Meaning, it is not all techy and hard to understand.  The pictures even make it easier.  This is perfect for a beginner or anyone that just doesn’t quite “get it”.  For $14.95 you get to look smarter and feel a lot more knowledgable!  I have one…DO YOU?

You can find this book now HERE