Th-INKing Outside the Box with Copics

Come create this beautiful scenery while learning some fun techniques on September 10th in Phoenix Arizona.  I will be the hands-on instructor.   You will learn to “think outside the box” with your color combinations.   Take home a beautiful piece of artwork to cherish for a lifetime and knowledge of ways to expand your personal creativity in your own style of artwork.

I hope you will join me in the afternoon to create this piece of artwork.
Want to spend the whole day with me?  Come to the morning class Copic 101.

I look forward to seeing you in Phoenix!
Jennifer Dove

2 thoughts on “Th-INKing Outside the Box with Copics

  1. I keep praying you will come East and do some classes. I am in GA and Sandly Allnock is coming, but I like your style better and would prefer to take a class with you. No offense to Sandy, she is very talented but I love how you work! Lucky folks in Denver should jump at the chance to take these classes.

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