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I have heard lots of you saying “we want to color flowers”.  Well someone was listening.  Copic now has a few NEW Coloring Foundations tutorial books for those wanting to learn new things and fun techniques.

I got to play with them today and wanted to share a little about them for those curious as to what is inside the sealed package.  You will find two Coloring Foundations books, “Coloring Flowers” and “Coloring Faces and Hair”.  Both books come with line art tutorial images to color and a beautifully printed bound book.  Inside the books you will be inspired with step by step instructions and colored images.  The author Marianne Walker also shares tips and tricks that you can incorporate in all your coloring.

I thought I would see how easy it was to follow a tutorial.  I followed it exactly as they had it written. The hardest thing was to not grab others colors as I am not a pink person, but once I got past that, the image turned out amazing and I couldn’t stop at just one image.  The book not only explains the color combos but a bunch of different techniques used in each image.
For those that are stuck in a rut, want to pick up on fun techniques that are new to you, or just maybe not used as often these are the books to grab!
You can find them through

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  1. For someone that isn't partial to pink you always do an amazing job. That card is fabulous. I'm sure the books will be a great help.

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