Just Plain Scary!

So my buddy Zoe with Make It Crafty always challenges us to think outside the box.  This is an extraordinary challenge with her followers.  She gave anyone who wanted to play one of her cute digital stamps “Penny in Love” shown below and challenged us to turn her into a Zombie.  OH YAH!  This is what I came up with.  RUN and HIDE if this isn’t your “thing”!

We call this “Creative Color Placement” as no lines have been altered.  in this case it is EXTREME Creative Color Placement.
Zombie Skin W0 E81 YG61 E84 E87 W5
W0 – W7
Hair BV20-29 YG11
Shirt C1 – 9
Multiliner .05
More fun Zombie coloring on MakeitCrafty FaceBook page

9 thoughts on “Just Plain Scary!

  1. She would definitely have to sneak up on a bowl of cornflakes. She's a lovely shade of scary. Great card, Jenn. Love that added touch of black rose paper in the background.

  2. You've got some mad skills at coloring! wOW I'll I can say! Just amazing! I love TWD, I had to show my husband your talent, he was amazed at what you did with those markets he calls a tube of money, lol!

  3. She looks awesome! I just noticed you made the polka-dots into skull-a-dots. Love that! And the neck is my favorite part – makes me want to cover mine in self defense. LOL

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