Color of the Day 144

**Please note that I color using the lightest color first, dark, medium and back to light.  I only slightly blend the edge of the last color placed.  Then add the shadow. 

If you miss one of the combo’s you can find it on the side of the blog labeled “Color of The Day”.  Please realize that your computer screen and printer can change the way you see it or how the colors print, but if you try it yourself you will get some fun combos…promise!

Also, feel free to pin them.  I ask that you do not sell them printed out, do not place them on your personal blog but rather link to mine.  These are for personal use only.   Leave me some love if you want to see more!

Thank you to all my followers and fans from all over the world.

Jenn Dove

2 thoughts on “Color of the Day 144

  1. I just found your blog while searching for ideas and tips for using Copic markers. Your work is awesome! I will be checking in daily to see your creations. I am a beginner to using Copies, and hope to improve my skills. I can only dream of becoming half as skilled as you are.

  2. Another awesome color combo! I am so stuck on staying in the same color#'s that I never see what other colors will blend successfully. You have definitely inspired me Jenn.

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