Stepping Outside of the Lines

I have been coloring inside the lines for years now.  Not to say I do not thuroughly enjoy every moment of it, but I just want to “be free” of lines.  I thought I would try my hand at “painting” with Copics.  I really loved the moment…and need time to do more.  I am usually a very detail oriented person and this was hard to do as I wanted to go back and add all the details…but due to lack of time I am calling it DONE.  Come December when my schedule calms down I hope to get a bigger canvas and play.  I am thinking a huge canvas with Poppies.  And no I never finished the last poppy stem project I started or the reptile’s eye….thats how I roll.  Sigh…someday.

Actual canvas size is 7 x 9
Colored with Various Refills R85 R81 B32 YG95 and a “waterbrush”

10 thoughts on “Stepping Outside of the Lines

  1. Jen, I love this. I would call it done also. I love the freedom of it too. That must of been pretty expensive to do with refils though.

  2. Jenn just found this post! I apparently was not following you yet! This is absolutely AWESOME, it is only one reason I follow you now because your remarkable! I think you should do more of this! It is to die for! Hugs Deb

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