Gearing Up For A Steampunk Celebration!

You all know I mainly make cards because of time constraint.  I usually create something that involves coloring with my markers.   Well this time I made some time for a wow-factor project that had been stuck inside my head, waiting for the perfect ribbons to bring it all together.  May Arts ribbon was just what I needed!  I had so much fun creating something so full of detail.

I made this Steampunk- wonky cake out of paper and ribbons from the bottom up.  I was having way to much fun and found it hard to stop myself.

Below you will find close-up images on each tier as well as a fun tutorial on how to make floral pom pom’s.  Let me give you a little walk through of all the cakes details.  I should also mention that I created this for the final round in applying for the May Arts Ribbonista’s, so you know I had to totally step-it-up beyond my normal stepping-it-up cards.  I wanted to prove too myself I could make this idea work.
I made my own pattern for all four layers of “cake” out of card stock, making it sturdy by adding chipboard to all sides of the box.  I covered each layer with white Wrinkled ribbon, adhering it using a tape runner.  It looks like frosting.  Using a little creative magic, each box is self supported.  Okay, not completely…but mostly.  I made all the flowers adhered to the cake and had fun coming up with the perfect clustering arrangements. 

Notice the wrinkled white, white sheer with black stitch, black sheer with white stitch through out the layers?  All of these were made using the instructions below.  Give it a try, have fun!
BUT WAIT THEIR IS MORE…with some of the left over ribbons I made a card to go with the cake in the style I love.   If you want to see more go HERE.
                                I made a full list for all the ribbons I used in making this cake.
White sheer/satin stitch center
Black Bakers twine

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