I Feel a Little OZ Coming On!

 WOW…lookie what Stampendous did.  They got their OZ on.  Everybody loves shoes right?  Here is a pair of fun shoes.  You know how the house landed on the wicked witch in Oz?  Well I just had to take the shoes one “step” further and turned them into witches boots.  So see how versatile they can be with a little creativity?

YOu can find them in the store right now!
Sentiment No Place 
Making the card base –
Cut a 5½ x 11 out of cardstock
Laying long ways on cutter measure 1 inch up and one inch in
and set blade down
Cut up to the 6½ mark
Flip card stock to other side and repeat cut like the first
side. You should end up with a 5½ “ slice (1 inch from the bottom) on both
Cut 2 – 7/8” x 4 ½ “ strips out of pattern paper. (**note
one is cut out of pattern wood paper, the other is dot paper). Wrap with ribbon
Cut 3 ¼” x 5” out of wood paper and a 1” x 5 inch out of dot
paper.  Layer together as shown in photo
Cut ¾” x 5 ½” out of wood paper
Cut 2 – 3/8” x 3 ½” strips out of wood pattern paper
Cut 2 – 3/8” x 3” strips out of wood pattern paper
Stamp sentiment
Stamp Shoes
Cut out a fence
Card assembly –
Layer the two 7/8” strips on the cards left and right
side.  Cut the shoes out.  Place the layered dot and wood pattern paper
in the center of the card.   Slip the
shoes under pattern paper.  Place the ¾” strip
on the bottom of the card.  Ink in the
background of the sentiment and place the 3/8” strips around it to form a
frame.  Add hardware to top edge.  Using foam pop-up tape, adhere to center of
card as shown in photo.  Add fence.  Using a clear adhesive sprinkle on Scarlet Color Fragments and Steel Blue Glass glitter.
Copics used – E50 E51 BV20 B32 B34 R35 R46 R59
**for the boots C1 C3 C5 C7 C9 100 R46

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  1. Absolutely adorable – this Kansas girl loves them
    can't wait till May 10th – think we are learning about fence making… Again, you have outdone yourself.

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