WARNING…Crafty Witch

I woke up this morning with an idea…430am.  Seeing as sleep was not going to continue I thought I would try my hand at a little drawing.  I am not all peachy keen on the drawing but I do like her all colored up.  There are a few things I would change (like her hands)…but I am over it.  Take her and color her if you would like.  Please don’t give the design away but refer people to my blog.  Thank-yah bunches!  Have fun with “Crafty Witch”.  Feel free to leave me a message so I can see how you colored her up.

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15 thoughts on “WARNING…Crafty Witch

  1. Up at 4:30-yikes! Thanks for sharing your cute little witch. I love seeing the digis coloured up too 🙂
    ps-don't know if you realize you have word verification on-some people may not comment because of that 🙁

  2. I belong to the no sleep club also. I just love her and can't wait to color her. I will have to use colored pencils. I tell my friends in my next lifetime I will have copic markers and a cuddlebug. Thank you so much she so cute!!!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing these lovely freebie! You are so sweet and generous to share your talent with us and I am very happy and thankful that you do!!
    Keep up the fabulous work.hope you have a marvelous day and a good start in the new week.sending hugs across the miles

  4. There's a 4:30 in the morning? wow… I think your witch is adorable, but agree her fingers are a bit on the chubby side…give her more water and put her feet up! LOL!

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