Brushing off the Dust

I am working on another article for Paper and Pixels online magazine on coloring metal objects.  I have been writing articles for them since December of last year.  You can even get the older articles.

I thought it would be fun to color something that should be china and change it to a metal look.  Here is a Stampendous stamp from back in 1991.  I love this stamp.  It was given to me by one of my students in Florida.  I think I will go back in with a white pen and add more definite highlights.  If you want to learn more just sign up to get this months article.  Past articles are:  Beginning Copics, Blending, Light Source, Blender Solution, Hair, Skin, Monochromatic and Texture.

The colors I used are C1, 3, 5, 7, 9
If you are the student that gave me this stamp please email me your address.  
Happy stamping!  JDove

One thought on “Brushing off the Dust

  1. This looks like a pewter cup! My uncle was a pewtersmith in Maryland and he would send the most ornate cups, plates, and goblets to us at Christmas. LOVE how you captured that glowing silvery metal look.

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