10 Spots left….and I have been coloring!

Yes its true.  In 4 days we are over 3/4 of the way full at The Copic Retreat.  If you are interested in getting yourself a seat in this fabulously fun, coloring crazy, information filled Copic retreat be sure and follow the instructions in the post below to hold your spot while there is still room and at the excellent introductory price.  See Post HERE.

In the mean time I will be sharing some fun things I have been coloring in my “not so” spare time.

Image purchased from The Emerald Fairy Garden  I really LOVE all the fairies.  I entered this into Make it Colorful – Cast Your Shadow challenge.  I love making shadows.  When I add a shadow it is usually after the whole image has been colored.  Then I come back and put in my shadows.  You will notice that even the water drops have shadows.

5 thoughts on “10 Spots left….and I have been coloring!

  1. Fantastic! I especially love the stippling in the shadows and the droplet effects. Amazing.

  2. I really want to be there. We had a doggie emergency over the weekend. Money is so short right now. Is there any way to save me a space and I will give the money in a few weeks?

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