Build-A-Book Sneak Peek

Cutting, Stamping, organizing, prepping, inking, coloring….

ARE YOU READY?  I know I am!  Looking forward to getting the fun on!
In the photo you will see some samples of what you will be doing…
wood, water, hair, eyes, fur, denim, tip-to-tip blending, favorite blends, testing paper just to name a few.    Check the Class Schedule tab to get all the times, dates and locations.  Classes are filling up so sign up soon.  

5 thoughts on “Build-A-Book Sneak Peek

  1. OMG just what I would love to do. I have just discovered copics & would love to do these classes if I lived over there. The examples look absolutely magnificent.

  2. Julie1551, I will post on my blog when the Book is available as an online class 🙂 Working on it 🙂 Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you will get a notice.

    Jenn Dove

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