Poppies – Lesson Learned..again

I love poppies.  They are so elegant.  They come in such an array of colors.  I made this for a challenge, but the challenge got canceled due to holidays.  I figured I would post it anyway.  You will notice that when I colored it with Copics that the ink bled out of the lines.  This shows that using the correct paper is a must (unless you like the bleed effect).  I wanted to use a cream colored background.  So I did, but the paper is not a tightly compressed paper.  When using paper like this you MUST work away from the image lines knowing it will bleed.  Using less ink helps if you must use paper that is not compressed tightly.  Keep this in mind when coloring.  This just reiterates why using proper paper is a must!

Copic colored with Stampendous images.

3 thoughts on “Poppies – Lesson Learned..again

  1. I really like this card, Jenn. Great reminder about the paper. I hate going back and nudging the color with the blender pen. Love your shading…just beautiful. Too bad it didn't get used for the challenge. They did post it though!

  2. I can't tell any different. But understanding your frustration, its a hard lesson learned. Still its a super card. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Great job…still love the card!!

  3. Thanks for the lesson Jen! I love this card – and while I only own 4 copics (for shadowing) there is always the possibility that I'll win the lottery and can buy more!

    I sure would love to attend a class – I'll be trying to achieve that goal in the new year!

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