You asked for it, you GOT IT!!  New OLO colors are here!!!

Have you heard the news?  32 new OLO colors, in brush or chisel, are now available!!!  I have been waiting for some of my favorite skin tones, and additional greens…the wait is over!   These are going to fly off the shelf!

You KNOW I had to order the full 32 set!  Yah, Yah…full set syndrome.  You too can buy the full set, or choose to get the individual markers.  Feel free to use my affiliate link to get those markers coming your way.  LINK HERE.

Now, even though my markers won’t be here until Wednesday…I know what the colors look like…thanks to Lori with OLO for her quick swatch of the cOLOrs.

I am seriously eyeing the E4.0, E4.1, E4.3 for the main skin tones, and I bet the R2.2 would be great for cheeks.  Oh!!  The NEW greens…YG1.2, YG1.4 and YG1.6…I am so excited!!!  Look at the B0.2…I bet that is going to be part of my new sky colors.  The rest of the colors tickle my fancy too…I am squirming out of my seat in anticipation.

I am here is you have questions.  I personally buy the brush/brush option, but there is nothing wrong with a brush/chisel if you prefer.  If you buy the OLO markers individually, and prefer having the brush on one end, with the refill on the other end…make sure and purchase additional rings to assemble them.  My link is always available for any OLO products in my posts or on the sidebar of my blog.  Get your new colors heading your way NOW while still in stock!



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