A Little Artsy

I thought I would do a little experiment using the Spellbinders Betterpress, and my OLO Markers.  I like the way it turned out.  This made a fun little Christmas card.

What Did I Do…

In order to come up with this look, I colored a piece of cardstock with my OLO Markers.  Let me remind you this was experimental.  Using my Betterpress from Spellbinders, I spritzed rubbing alcohol on the “Hello” Betterpress plate, and ran the cardstock through a die cut machine using the Betterpress system.  I allowed the “Hello” plate to sit under pressure for a few moments giving the alcohol time to push the ink out of the way where it made contact with the paper.

Using the tree from the Woodland Silhouette clear stamp set, I spritzed it with alcohol and stamped it (again allowing it to sit for a moment.  Remember that alcohol will displace the ink leaving can impressions of whatever you use).

I then came back with my markers and added in shadows in the tree.  The highlights on the “Hello” and tree were created with my favorite Karin Deco Gel pen.

I finished the card by adding a colored image, the Inverted Scalloped Frame, and a sentiment.

I had fun created a card in a slightly different way.  I really do love to use products differently than intended!  You can find the products below.

Spellbinders Betterpress Letterpress

Betterpress Press Plate – Hello

Moose You clear stamps

Woodland Silhouette clear stamps

Inverted Scallops Rectangle die

OLO Markers

3 thoughts on “A Little Artsy

    1. I LOVE how this card turned out! I will be spending the morning trying to hone my alcohol/die pressing skills. I also love how the snow sits on the letters!

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