Happy Bunny Keister

I KNOW!  I KNOW!!!  Don’t say it!!

Every year I try to make a keister card…well SHOOT…this year I made a “kiester” card!  Darn it if I didn’t spell it wrong.  Well the joke is on me!  I am gonna post it anyways because frankly like I tell EVERYONE…It’s just ink and paper.  So there you go!  The card is cute, the image is cute, the idea is cute….my spelling NOT SO MUCH

Whoopsie clear stamp set

Wonky Window 4 die

Cutie ABC die set

Tree Assortment die

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O7.1 O7.3 O7.7
YG2.5 YG8.5 YG8.7
OR2.3 OR2.5
W-G1 W-G3 W-G5

Copic Options
W1 W3 W5 R11
E43 E44 E47
YG25 YG17 YG67
YR02 YR04 YR07

3 thoughts on “Happy Bunny Keister

  1. Absolutely adorable no matter which way it’s spelled! Love the hand-made ‘carrots’ too!

  2. Love this! I say its ok this way. My husband explained to me that “Kiester” is butt anyway. So…its a bunny’s kiester!! Thank you for all of your inspirations! Just love seeing them!

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