Want a good laugh?  This aught to do the trick.  This ornery dude doesn’t give a…  Sometimes you just need to speak what you feel, (and then get ready to duck).  I thought this was just the funniest.  Thank you to illustrator Dustin Pike for making us giggle with his designs full of antics.

This little guy can be used year round.  Just add different sentiments.  All my card designs lately will be on the more simple side.  Most my card making supplies were left behind in Colorado, while I am in Arizona working on my coloring Boot Camp.  It really is a challenge not having my regular stuff at hand… I like challenges!

Happy Whatevers 4×3 clear stamp

Lattice A2 die

YG11 YG03 YG17 YG67
C1 C3 C5 R04
R14 R24 R29
E40 E42 E43 E44

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