If you missed the whole talk about the NEW OLO alcohol marker, I am giving you a gentle nudge to check it out now.  I have been getting some serious card making done using the prototype version of the OLO, and I am super impressed!  Loving every moment, and actually haven’t even reverted to the Copics (except one time to finish an old project), and the Copic felt so dry in comparison to the OLO.

I am thrilled by what is going on behind the scenes too, and I know that you are going to LOVE it.  This company listens to its customers!  I can not tell you anything about what’s in the works, but let’s just say the OLO Marker investment will be SOOOO worth it.  July (when the product ships) can not come soon enough!

The flexibility, versatility, quality, and colors are just amazing!!

You have choices when purchasing these new markers, brush on one end and chisel on the other, Or you may choose brush on one end and brush on the other.  Then there is the chisel/chisel option.  Either way each side is its own cartridge full of ink, and when empty you purchase the refill and replace the nib from the used cartridge.  The nibs hold up very nicely and I haven’t had mine break down yet.  You can choose to have each end a different color OR they also have nice handles instead of another cartridge.  The handle or the other cartridge are connected by a threaded connector ring.  The possibilities are many!  I know I haven’t mentioned the cost, and you will be able to find that all on the OLO website.  The amount of ink, and cost to replace the cartridge are a huge savings compared to other popular markers in the industry.

Below is the ink comparison associated with the OLO marker.  Click on the “Discover” tab on the OLO site for more information.

There are some videos on Youtube (don’t forget to subscribe to OLO while you are there), as well as OLOMarker.com showing the marker system and buying options, as well as some fabulous bundle deals.

I personally snagged my set of the full range of markers at the special presale price, with the brush nibs on both ends.  You will also want to consider the 50% off for the full range of refills too.  I placed the order for mine!

If you are interested in the OLO marker click on the PREORDER NOW button in the upper right corner at OLOMarker.com.

Some of you have already jumped onboard, and I can not wait to see the smile on your face when you get these into your hot hands.  Just like I do with the Copics, you will find the OLO cOLOr combos posted on my blog when used for making cards, and creating my artwork.  TONS more to come!

Interested in getting in on the superb deal that is going on right now with the OLO preorder?  DO NOT DELAY, because the deal won’t last much longer.  Be sure and head over to olomarker.com/dove and see what the hype is all about.  If you don’t have time to check them out right now, be sure and click on the OLO logo on the right of my blog when you are ready.

I stand by this product and the company 100%!