Sugar and Spice with Stamp Anniething

Sometimes we tend to look at an image and say …

Hmmmm … How can we add a little something to the face to create more coloring interest such as eyes or noses.  For this card I added a hint of color around the eyes to give it more of a prominent facial feature.  Not all images work well with this idea but Paige from Stamp Anniething sure did.

Creative Coloring on faces

I stamped her in a lighter gray so the stamp lines aren’t so bold.  For her eyes I simply colored almost up to the black portion of the eyes.  I leave the white surrounding the iris and then added some simple color to the upper portion around the iris.  The darkest part of the color would be under the eyelid.   I used my black multiliner to bring back the black of the iris as well as the lashes and upper portion of the eyes.  Don’t forget to add or leave the white highlight in the iris area to make it shine.

For this image there really is no place for a nose…so I didn’t try to add any more features.  As you can see there isn’t a natural proportion to these faces, but they still have a special cuteness to them.  For those that like to add nose features, this is one you DO NOT want to do it too.  It is not a pretty sight.

We enjoyed coloring Paige’s pleats and folds at Copic Boot Camp and I finally got to create a card with the finished coloring.  Thank you Stamp Anniething for allowing us to create with this adorable stamp  it was perfect!  You were such a sweet sponsor!

You can find this stamp at the link below.

Paige – Sugar & Spice

paigesugarspicepacking 86902.1539797718


E50 E51 E21 R11 SKIN

E04 R11 C3 MOUTH

B32 B34 C1 C3 C5 EYES


BV02 BV04 R81 R83 R85 DRESS

Pink Multiliner

White Gel Pen

Black Multiliner .3


Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment.  I love to read your comments and enjoy your feedback.  Happy coloring!

Jenn Dove

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  1. This image was so much fun to tinker with at Boot Camp. Love how you color her and taught us as well!

    1. Thank you jennifer, i too like the subtle additions…makes a huge different. Thanks for the comment

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