Snow Sweeper

I had some fun with the new Kinetic Dies from Whimsy stamps.  This is a pull card and as you pull the tab the snowman travels across the card front sweeping the snow.  The best part about it is you can not see any of the mechanisms or track that he moves in.  I love the new Kinetic dies.  
I chose an image that was more simple to to color.  A light blue for the snowman shadows and some red and browns to complete him.  Quick and easy.  I added the newly released Tree dies.  My new favorite tree die!  Easy to remove from the die and cuts multiples nicely!  A must have for die basics.
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Here are the instructions for the assembly of the Snow Sweeper card that we did in class.  I hope it all makes sense.  It did to me when i was writing them 🙂

By Jenn Dove

Products Used:
Kinetic Curved Hill Die Set
No-See Kinetic Basics
Kinetic Straight Basics
Evergreen Tree Die Set
A2 cardbase – white (5.5 x 8.5 scored at 4.25)
5 x 3.75 Pattern paper
5.25 x 4 Light blue cardstock
3 x 5.5 White Dot cardstock
3 x 3 White Dot cardstock
1.5 x 5 White smooth cardstock 
1 x 5.5 blue cardstock
Cardstock for stamping the image
Snowman stamp – Snowman and Friends
Stamp pad
36” Bakers twine 
Clear glitter
2 single layer 1/8” foam tape circles (can hole punch foam tape if you do not have pre-made)
Foam pop up tape
Liquid adhesive
Tape runner repositional
Tape runner permanent
Card Preparation:
Stamp image on white cardstock
Adhere the 5 x 3.75 pattern paper to the 4.25 x 5.5 blue piece of cardstock.  
Kinetic Straight Basics Die – Die cut the assembled pattern paper and large blue mat, cut the medium “track” about 1 inch up from the bottom and about .5 inch in from the right.  Remove the die cutout and save.
Curved Hill Die Set – Using the wavy die, die cut the 3 x 5.5 White Dot cardstock about 1.25 down from the top up on both sides 
Kinetic Straight Basics Die – cut one “pull” (piece with the stitches and 4 holes) out of the 1 x 5.5 blue cardstock
No-See Kinetic Basics Die –  cut one “slide extender” (piece with score lines and 1 hole) and the double circle die out of the 1.5 x 4 smooth white cardstock
Evergreen Tree Die Set – Die cut the large and small pine trees out of the 3 x 3 White Dot cardstock
Assembly – Base Layer:
IMPORTANT – do not place any foam tape anywhere within 1/8” of the slider track on ANY side.
Place a single thickness of foam tape pieces on the back side of the blue cardstock.  Place it at the top and bottom edges, keeping the foam tape AWAY from the slide opening, Place more foam tape at least 1/8” away from the top of the opening (also called the slider track).  This is giving the layers stability for the slide action but still allows movement.  Set aside for now.
Take the long blue “pull” piece (that has 4 holes in it) and place on table with holes on the right side.  Adhere the small die-cut piece (that was removed from the main base-layers) onto the die-cut kinetic pull-piece, on the left side not covering the holes.  Cut off the last hole on the
right side as these are not needed.
Place one of the white paper circles under the farthest left hole.  Place one of the small round foam adhesive circles inside the hole.  Place a second adhesive foam dot directly next to it on the right side in a row. Add the second paper circle on top of the foam dots like a foam-tape sandwich.
Keeping the pull on the left side, Place the pull under the set aside base layer and slip the top paper circles into the track so one circle is on top of the base layers and the other is under the base layers,  The pull should slightly extend past the lefthand edge.  Add a piece of foam tape to the underneath area as a stopper to keep the slide from sliding out of sight once card is assembled.  Adhere to cardbase.  Pull the slide carefully to verify the slide is functioning with nothing blocking its movements.  Move foam out of the way if needed.
Assembly – Second/Third Layers: 
Get the remaining kinetic die cut piece also know as the “slide extender” and adhere the portion without the hole, with adhesive to the exposed circle.  Make sure it is adhered vertically with the score lines and hole towards the top.
On the underside of the largest snow hill, place foam tape ONLY on the four corners and a narrow strip on the bottom as to not cover the track or block the extenders movement.
Adhere to base layers.  Verify the slider still moves.  If not, then you need to adjust the foam tape to not restrict action.  On the underside of the remaining snow hill place very narrow strips of foam tape on the right, left and bottom portions.  The bottom portion needs to be right at the edge of the paper as to not block the snowman’s movement.  Place onto cardbase layers.
Color your image.   Cut out the image.  Cut little slits on the right and left side of the broom
whisk.  Fold over the “slide extender” towards you at the lowest score-line that will stay exposed over the top hill, then fold over the next one right above it.  Temporarily place repositional adhesive on the external area of the “slide extender”.
To figure out where the snowman should be placed, set the snowman on the “slide extender” with the snowman tucked behind the smallest snow hill and the small slits on the sides of the whisk of the broom slipped over the small snow hill.   Try the slider.  If the snowman gets stuck by hidden foam tape then adjust the snowman up a little.  Once movement is good adhere to “hidden extender” with permanent adhesive.

Using liquid glue adhere the bakers twine to the front lower portion of the small snow hill.  Cut off excess.  Make sure to place adhesive on the portion you cut to keep it from unraveling.  Adhere the trees to card front with glue and add glitter to the trees.  Wrap the top of the card with remaining bakers twine and tie in a know on outside top edge of card.  Tie knots at the end of the bakers twine to keep from unraveling.

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