Blue Jeans

 I woke up with this idea.  I thought it would be fun to create a blue jean look with a combo of stamps from Whimsy.  How many different stamps do you think I used for this?
To create this fun card I used…
Zipper embossed with black embossing powder 
Burlap Background stamped in blue
Get in Line clear stamps for stitches in blue
Gingham Background stamped in blue
Beaucoup Bouquet sentiment embossed in black
Add a few antique copper brads and you have a pair of blue jeans.  Which brings me to the question…why do we say “I have a pair of blue jeans” when there is only one?
Super quick, super fun and perfect for that super awesome person in your life!
~ JDove

One thought on “Blue Jeans

  1. We say jeans for the same reason we say pants, stockings (as in pantyhose, just one thing) and scissors. English is a very confusing language.

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