Into the ocean

Wow was this fun designing.  I must admit it took a while to design.  Each piece came together one thought at a time  Sometimes when you have time, its the best way to go.  I am super thrilled about this dimensional card using all products from la-La Land Crafts. 
This piece was designed around this sweet sea turtle that was part of La-La Lands monthly club kit.  If you haven’t gotten in on this action you must check it out.  This months theme is gnomes.  YES…gnomes and mushrooms and….well go check it out!

I used glossy cardstock from the background.  I created it using the Copics and an airbrush machine with some light misting of rubbing alcohol.  I did the same thing with the turtles body but in the greens.  I fussy cut out the underpart of the turtle with scissors.  I added the Lattice Border as frames and cut apart the Deco Border to create the sea-weed.  Using the Tabs Border I created the sand.  This card definitely will not fit in an envelope.  As I create this card I am thinking and sending love to all my Hawaiian friends dealing with the Volcano action.  Be safe!