Smell of the Ocean

Living most of my life on the coast, this brings back so many fond memories.  I lived in Oregon, on the coast in Eureka, CA., and in Dutch Harbor, AK…now I live in the hot desert of Arizona (what was I thinking?).  I am definitely a coastal girl at heart and look forward  to the sound of the seagulls and the crashing of the waves with the sand between my toes and that smell of salty kelp that is drying in the wind.  For now I can dream (and color up images) of the sea.
This stamp from C.C. Designs “Beach Front” is now available.  Those taking my class in July will get a little taste of the DoveArt Studios line of stamps.
Wanna hear about a new all time favorite glue?  Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive is an ultra tacky glue that worked perfect for this project.  It glued down the cheese cloth, paper ships wheel, rope and the mica!  It is very tacky and I am super thrilled!  Be sure and give it a try.  My new go-to glue!!
E08 R89
W1 W3 W5
YG95 G99

6 thoughts on “Smell of the Ocean

  1. This is just simply beautiful. I love your beach scene. I grew up on the coast of Florida and now living more than hours away from the beach is odd for me!

  2. Speaking as a so cal beach girl, Ventura south to Redondo Beach ..I do smell that tangy ocean.. looking at this, I feel that crisp sea breeze..
    I can't wait to color in July..and yes Jenn, desert sand does not compare to beach sand between your toes….

  3. I know you probably get thousands of comments Jennifer, but I had to add just one more today. smiles I have a YouTube Channel, which does consist of Copic colouring. I only tell you this, because you have been a huge inspiration when I go to Copic colour. I have been viewing your tutorials, since I began this journey of card making 5 years ago. This is more of a "THANK YOU" for the hard work that goes into each project you share with us. This is from a Canadian, that enjoys Lake Erie, just a few steps from our home. Not an Ocean, but water non the less. LOL Have a blessed week.

  4. Beautiful card, Jenn. We are blessed to live only 6 blocks from the ocean. Although there are days when you wonder where that beautiful ocean breeze is when the humidity feels like you're in Death Valley. With summer being here and all the kids out of school it's a great time to be on the beach having fun.

    One of the coolest things about here is when the turtles start hatching. If you're fortunate enough to watch the turtle nests at night those during hatching season the little ones start popping out of the ground like popcorn and start heading for the beach. It is awesome to watch.

  5. This is such a beautiful card! I have only had the good fortune of visiting the beach when on vacation. I am a midwestern girl all of my life. Maybe one day I will settle in an area with scenery like this! One can dream in the meantime!

  6. Gorgeous card – can really feel the sea eminating from this creation. Love the beach but don't get to visit often enough.

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